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All common types of mechanical shaft seals -  pusher seals, bellow seals, cartridge seals and agitator seals - in  premium quality from recognized manufacturers in France and the USA, engineered for demanding rotary applications in all industries.

Mechanical Radial Seals

Agitator seals - LATTY

MEchanical agitator seals are independent of direction of rotation, and manufactured as single or double seals. Available with or without bearing and suitable for top entry drives, bottom drives, and side mounted drives. As option, connect a bar...

Barrier liquid supply systems - Flexaseal

Barrier liquid supply systems are used together with double cartridge seal configurations.

Cartridge seals - Flexaseal

Cartridge seals are available in different types: single cartridge and double cartridge, single or multi spring solutions, and metal bellow types. In addition, soft/hard as well as hard/hard sealing surface combinations are possible, and als...

Cartridge seals - LATTY

Mechanical cartridge seals are a balanced seal type, independent of direction of rotation, and manufactured as single or double seals. Double cartridge seals have an integrated pump function circulating the cooling and lubrication fluid...

Metal bellow seals - Flexaseal

Low and high temperature edge-welded metal bellow seals for working pressure up to 20 bar and temperatures up to 425 °C. This type of hydraulically balanced metal bellow seal is self-cleaning using centrifugal force and therefore a good choice for...

Pusher seals - LATTY

The mechanical pusher seal type is universal for most rotating applications including food production equipment. In addition, some types are designed to work with media containing solids. Pusher seals are independent of direction of rot...

Rubber bellow seals - LATTY

A mechanical seal for all types of pumps, well-known as the preferred OEM pump manufacturer seal. Universal for use in all kind of pumps with plain shaft, non-sensitive to shaft deflections. In compliance with several approval...

Split seals - Flexaseal

The Style 85 split cartridge seal is extreme easy to install and significantly reduces the downtime in challenging and time consuming installations. No other split cartridge design divides the sealing set into just two integrated parts and makes ...

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