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Braided packings (or gland packings) are used in valves, pumps and other rotating equipment. Different types are available for low speed/low pressure, or high speed/high pressure, or shafts subjected to intermittent shocks  - and cover all industries such as hot water, wastewater, food, oil and chemicals, slurry media etc.

Braided Packings/Gland Packings

Braided packing of mixed yarns - LATTYflon 4757

A very strong multi-yarn packing. The corners are made of 100 percent aramide yarns impregnated with PTFE. The lubricated friction faces are made of 100 percent graphited PTFE. The entire packing is then re-impregnated with a mixture of PTFE...

Braided packing of vegetable yarns - LATTYflon 1779

A plant-based packing made of anti-rot-treated high quality ramie yarns. Impregnated with a mixture of PTFE and lubricant during the braiding process. Media PH values: 4 to 11. Working temperature: -40 to 120 °C.

Braided packing with aramide - LATTYflon 4788

Made of 100 percent aramide fibres. Each single yarn is impregnated with PTFE using an exclusive “Filcoat” process. Then re-impregnated with a mixture of PTFE and foodstuff-approved quality lubrication. Very high mechanical performance.&nb...

Braided packing with graphite - LATTYgraf T

Made of 100 percent pure and continuous graphite yarns, impregnated with a graphite mixture. Very low friction coefficient, good heat dissipation, and excellent elastic recovery. Suitable for high speed. Media PH values: 0 to 14. W...

Braided packing with PTFE - LATTYflon 3206

Made of 100 percent PTFE silk yarns, each single yarn being impregnated with PTFE. The packing is re-impregnated with a mixture of PTFE and inert lubricant during the braiding process. Media PH values: 0 to 14. Working temperature: -200...

Flexible braided packings - LubSeal

LubSeal series by Nordic Seal is a fleksible packing with an elastomer core and an outer fibre braiding. A reservoir inside the hollow core makes it possible to add a lubricant to the seals. Pre-shrunk and ready to install. Extends...

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