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Rod Protection Covers - Stitched bellows

Extend service life

Protect hydraulic systems from dust and damages. Stitched bellows - Rod Protection Covers™ - are mainly used as shielding, either protecting an  (telescopic, hydraulic) object from external particles or protecting surroundings against particles from the inside.


It is financially worthwhile protecting hydraulic systems and increase service life. Nevertheless, hydraulic systems often remain completely unprotected.

  • You need to disassemble the cylinder to mount a conventional protective bag. That is very difficult - and expensive.
  • If you try to mount a cover while the cylinder is in operation, it often turns out that the closure is not sufficiently tight to keep dust and other debris away from the rod and seals.

Valuable achievements by using Rod Protection Cover

  • RPC easily fits around the rod and cylinder, thanks to the cleavable bag.
  • Tightness is ensured by the effective closure, a good craftsmanship and hardwearing materials.
  • A life-prolonging protection becomes a profitable quality improvement of the hydraulic system.


Extend service life: Protect hydraulic systems and piston rods from dust and damages.


Kvalitet (QA) og prekvalifikasjon

ISO 9001:2008
JQS Achilles (Oil & Gas)
Sellihca (Utillities)

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