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This is probably the most diverse group in our range, as it spans from diaphragms and valve parts to almost any mechanical/functional product made by moulding of rubber or silicone rubber in all thinkable shapes.

Technical parts, membranes and valves

Bellow for electric wheelchair

The bellows prevent clamping of the user, keeps dirt and foreign matter away from the exposed mechanism and facilitates cleaning of the wheelchair.

Convoluted Hose

Fuel filling hose for cars. Manufactured by injection molding of flourgummi (Viton).

Customised bellows

Moulded bellows or covers for mechanical applications based on the customer’s specific design. Moulded bellows are relevant for larger quantities. Manufactured in NBR, CR and other appropriate rubber types.

Diaphragm for vacuum regulator

Diaphragm (membrane) for vacuum regulator in milking equipment.

Lift valve

Lifting valve made by injection moulding of black NBR rubber bonded with stainless steel rod.

Manually operated resuscitator

Manually operated resuscitator (oxygen mask) for medical use and rescue efforts. Composite product fitted with nose / mouthpiece of moulded rubber.

Moulded bellows (Customised)

Moulded bellows are relevant for larger quantities. Manufactured in NBR, CR and other appropriate rubber types.

Rectangular gasket, grey silicone

Rectangular gasket made by mouling of grey silicone. Approximate size: 40 x 20 cm.

Round gasket made from clear silicone

Round gasket made by moulding of clear silicone. Approximate size: 70 cmØ.

Round gasket, brown silicone

Round gasket made by moulding of brown silicone. Approximate size: 40 cmØ.

Round sealing strip, grey silicone

Around sealing tape obtained by moulding of gray silicone. Approximate size: 15 cmØ. Seals between acrylic glass and lamp housing.

Rubber block for chair

Part of tilt function in chair. Special requirements for non-creaking motion and a dry non-friction surface.

Rubber damper for chair

Rubber damper used in tilt function for chair. Good characteristic for compression set is required.

Rubber seal for beverage dispenser

Used in beverage equipment. Good characteristics for compression set and small tolerances are required.

Rubber spring for chair

Part of tilt function in an office chair. Special requirements for a dry and non-sticky product surface.

Rubber valve for vacuum toilet

Critical rubber valve for compact vacuum toilet in the train cars.

Strap for machine shield or engine bonnet

Sealing strap for machine shield or motor bonnet. High demands on elongation, compression set, and weather resistance.

Suction cup

Suction cup for mechanical device.

Valve membrane

Valve membrane in high tolerance class. Part of milking equipment.

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