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Polymer-based Functional Parts

Moulded rubber parts

Moulded parts are items that are produced by vulcanising an elastomer (rubber or silicone) in a mould. Are mainly produced as customer-specific products, with regard to the compound (rubber mix recipe), the design and grade of finish.

Machined parts

Pre-machined items can be characterised by very high precision and close tolerances. Produced by milling, lathing or other mechanical processes and therefore limited to relatively hard material types.

Extruded profiles and tubes

Profiles and tubes made from the extrusion of silicone, rubber or TPE.

Bellows, boots and covers

Bellows, boots and covers protect against personal injury and extend service life for hydraulic pistons, actuators, motion mechanics and automations. Find and purchase your product variant from the standard range in our webshop

Vibration dampers

Vibration dampers used as stabilising measures in applications that are exposed to or that generate wobble, vibration and fluctuations.

Design, transport and mounting

Design parts for interiors and consumer goods. Products for furniture og chairs. Auxiliary products to support an industrial production process.

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